Simple Systems Lean enterprise software

Managing internal supply chains since 2003

When the County Of Los Angeles Department of Social Services needed a supply requisition solution for their 13,000 employees, Simple Systems was the answer. Our solutions are perfect for government, nation wide bussiness, and any industry with custom business needs where canned solutions wont cut it.


  • Group based customer accounts.
  • User role support for managers, supervisors, and data entry.
  • Support public / openId or invite only account registration.
  • Global and group based product catalogs.
  • Products with tiered price matrices.
  • Inventory managment with alerts.
  • Group based Location / Address manamgment.
  • Shipping / freight route managment.
  • Order entry and price estimation.
  • TaxJar integration.
  • Shippo, Ups, DHL and other third partyu freight integration.
  • Define your own custom freight provider with custom price matricies.
  • Front end uses jquery, bootstrap, and a dead-simple mvc framework
  • Back end uses Microsoft DotNetCore 3.